About The Cartoon  

Big Nose Kids is a culturally diverse cartoon that speaks to the masses. With its urban setting, the cartoon teaches, educates, and nurtures all children. Stories, brought to life by the Big Nose Kids characters, are grounded with Christian principles and are relevant, easily understood, and (best of all) funny! The cartoon is the brainchild of Yancy Parker. Mr. Parker made the discovery while still in high school (and by, somewhat of an
accident). A very good student, Yancy would finish his work and begin ‘doodling.’ (Of course, some of the doodling would take place while he was taking notes, as many people do.) Soon enough, the first sketch of Big Nose Kids was drawn. The name, however, didn’t come until later. Yancy and his brother, Derrick (who believed the ‘doodling’ had tremendous potential as a cartoon) thought it would be very unique for the cartoon to be a
parody of their family. The two then easily decided on the name for the cartoon; hence, the birth of ‘Big Nose Kids.’ Children’s books, clothing, paraphernalia, a television cartoon series; the sky is NOT the limit. Big Nose Kids is on its way towards becoming a household name.